And we’re excited!

Not only will this year’s event be our seventh Miss Lizzy’s Tea, but we are excited to announce some changes!

Over the years, our event has grown from a quaint 25+ women, held at Miss Lizzy’s home to a staggering 240 women in 2015!  Tickets sold out in a mere 3 weeks, dashing hopes of those who were hoping to attend the event.

This year, Miss Lizzy and her Board of Directors made the decision to move from the Pavilion, where the event has been held for the last five years, into the Great Hall of the Roma Club.  This new change allows us to offer more tickets and enables more people to attend our wonderful event!  Yay!  This year, tickets sold out in record time (less than 3 weeks!) and we will be hosting tea for approximately 340 women and young ladies this year!

Another big change is that we are embracing technology to simplify the donating efforts of our guests.  We will be able to accept credit card payments for all raffle tickets sales, silent auction bids and hat purchases!  Credit cards such as MasterCard┬«, Visa┬« and American Express┬« are all accepted.  So be sure to pack your credit cards tomorrow to avoid disappointment!

Looking forward to seeing all of our guests tomorrow, dressed up in the their finest hats and fascinators…  see you soon!

Tomorrow’s the Big Day…
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  • June 4, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    Love this event. Am 5 years cancer free and pray for a cure for all sufferers

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