Big News!

Photo by Gino DelCiancio
MLF Vice-President Sarah DelCiancio (l) and President Liz DelCiancio (r) with Cheryl Deter, Integrated Director, Patience Services for Windsor-Essex County Hospice and LDMH.

Miss Lizzy’s Foundation has made a commitment to donate $50,000 to the Erie Shores Hospice.  The funds will be used towards creating a garden tea room.  It is the Foundation’s hope that this garden tea room, which is just off the dining room in the Central External Wing, will provide patients and their families the opportunity to experience a serene moment while enjoying the outdoors from the glass-encased room or perhaps when stepping outside the patio doors to appreciate the gardens.



We are excited for this endeavour and are working hard to create new opportunities to fundraise.  Thank you to all who support us in our endeavours.

Donation Commitment | Erie Shores Hospice
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