[Story by guest blogger, Gino DelCiancio]


“This is my father-in-law, Bernardo (Ben), who is 86 years old.

He has been living with us since last November after he fell ill. He has since recovered and is doing very well. He spends his time making rosaries and he wants to give them away to anyone who wants one. He is asking for a minimum donation of $20 for each handmade rosary and he will donate all the money to Miss Lizzy’s Tea to benefit others.


If you would like to support Miss Lizzy’s Tea and make a donation, please let me know and I will personally hand deliver it to you. If you live out of town, I can mail it to you. Ben would like to thank you from the bottom of his heart for your support.


Ben makes the rosaries from a plant in his garden called “Job’s Tears” (also known as “Mary’s Tears”). These are seeds that are very hard and are like shells. It has been said that it was this plant that Mother Mary appeared to the three children of our Lady of Fatima in Portugal in 1917.” – Gino DelCiancio

If you would like a beautiful handmade rosary for yourself or to give as a gift, please visit our shop or contact us via email.

Handmade Rosaries
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